How To Apply And Care For Your Lashes

How to Apply
  1. Trim lashes as needed to fit your eye shape
  2. Apply a small amount of our adhesive lash glue along the cotton lash band, adding extra glue to each end. 
  3. Let adhesive rest for 20-30 seconds or until tacky before applying directly to your lash line.
  4. Look downwards at a mirror, and carefully position the lashes at the base of your natural lash line, pushing it down as close as possible, remember to use our lash applicator for an easy and smooth application.

 How to Care

Using a cotton swab, dab some oil-free makeup remover along the band of the false lashes, and wait a few seconds for the glue to start dissolving. Then, gently peel away lashes from the inner corner of each eye. To remove any excess adhesive remaining on the lash band, dab a cotton swab in oil-free makeup remover and gently rub off any remaining glue.